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I’m glad you stopped by!

You are at the best place where you can be assured, that  you have found someone unique and genuine.  

So do not go anywhere...!!!  Sit down... relax and get to know me a little...


I understand there are plenty of London Independent Escorts, and it is hard to find the one who ticks all those boxes but maybe life led you here for a reason...


I  don’t want to write a long novel about myself but as Scott McClanahan said once "Writing should be like skirts. Long enough to cover what it needs to cover, and short enough to maintain interest."

Back to the point, I’m a hot-blooded redhead with lots of freckles in all the right places, and a genuine BIG Smile on my face which makes your heart flutter.

 I’m an equally  optimistic and down to earth person. Admittedly a hopelessly romantic. 

I’m truly interested in people, and a very curious individual. Don’t get me wrong, by "curious” I mean I love understanding and hearing about people and how they tick. I can easily get absorbed in psychology, art and music, and love to discuss and connect with people on an intellectual level.

I find it fascinating how we become the person who we are today, and how our life circumstances shape us. As my role as a private companion means I am uniquely placed  to understand and empathise with people's emotional needs, and desires.

I love meeting interesting people, and going into deep, and meaningful conversations. Small talk is not my cup of tea…although I understand, sometimes it’s necessary! 

Being a private companion gives everyone different experiences. It has given me lots of good days, some not so good days, headaches, and heartaches but most importantly a deeper understanding who we are, and who I am.

I hope I have sparked  your interest!

If you would like to know more about me, or meet me in person, 

You can contact me HERE.

I’m looking forward to hearing from You!

Lots of Kisses,



NAME; Kimberly Cole

AGE; 37

HEIGHT; 5.5  / 165cm

DRESS SIZE ; UK 10  EU 36-38

CHEST SIZE; UK36B  EU80B natural

SHOE SIZE ;  UK 5.5   EU 38.5

EYE COLOUR ; Hazel Brown

HAIR COLOUR; Medium Reddish Blond

Hobbies : I love reading, learning about new and interesting things, and travelling abroad. I enjoy being in nature hiking, and going for long walks . My health has always been important for me so I try to exercise at least three times a week, and keep a healthy diet. Oh, and I love I mean LOVE  ART...

Favourite books ; 

What to say when you talk to your self by Shad Helmstetter

The Power of Neuroplasticity by Shad Helmstetter

The state of affairs by Esther Perel

Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill

Success through a positive mental attitude by Napoleon Hill 

Mind Hacking by Sir John Hargrave